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FedRAMP Reaches 200 Authorizations

September 17 | 2020

FedRAMP Reaches 200 Authorizations

FedRAMP is excited to announce that we just reached a huge milestone: 200 FedRAMP Authorized Cloud Service Offerings (CSOs). FedRAMP has continued to see tremendous growth in both federal agencies and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) participating in the program and this milestone attests to the hard work of our industry and government partners.

In the first four years of the program, we authorized 20 CSOs. In 2018, six years into the program, we reached 100 authorized services. Now we have doubled that number in the last two years.

FedRAMP Reaches 200 Authorizations Infographic

This landmark reflects FedRAMP’s commitment to help the government shift to the cloud and leverage new technologies to meet agencies’ missions. With over 200 authorized products, agencies are able to use a variety of cloud technologies, ranging from remote access, scalability, collaboration, efficiency, and many more that are critical to many agencies’ IT modernization efforts.

All FedRAMP authorized CSOs are listed on the FedRAMP’s Marketplace, including a description of the service, federal agencies that use the service, and a link to the Package Request Form that enables a federal agency to reuse that CSO.

Thank you for your partnership and we look forward to the next authorization milestone!

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