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FedRAMP Announces Agency Liaison Program

FedRAMP Announces Agency Liaison Program

The FedRAMP PMO recently kicked off a new initiative, the Agency Liaison Program, which is designed to transform the way FedRAMP informs and collaborates with federal agencies. Agencies play an important role in the success of FedRAMP and through this Agency Liaison Program, the PMO will provide support through a “train-the-trainer” model for liaisons to share knowledge and resources about the authorization process to others in their agency.

Through this program, we are building a community to enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing across the government, with more than 30 agencies participating in the program. This initiative was developed in response to customer feedback we received from the FedRAMP Ideation Challenge and the ACT-IAC FedRAMP working group. One of FedRAMP’s guiding principles is “do once, use many,” and the program is designed to help agencies and industry be more efficient in their cloud adoption efforts. Additionally, the program establishes a formal feedback mechanism to enable continuous process improvement as the program rolls out new initiatives.

The FedRAMP PMO and Agency Liaisons have hit the ground running and have already had a kick-off meeting and first training session with more scheduled next month. If you have any questions regarding the Agency Liaison role within your agency, please reach out to