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FedRAMP FY21 Annual Survey Recap

January 27 | 2022

FedRAMP FY21 Annual Survey Recap

In August of 2021, the FedRAMP PMO released our annual customer feedback survey. Thank you to those who submitted feedback! We’ve used your thoughts to help gauge how the PMO is doing, and identify areas of the program for us to better meet the needs of our stakeholders.

What we heard

The FedRAMP PMO is doing well in several areas, particularly: customer service and support, continuous evolution through automation efforts, and increasing knowledge of FedRAMP across the federal government through initiatives like the Agency Liaison Program. Some areas for the program to improve upon include expanding opportunities for more training to enhance understanding of the authorization process, the need for updated documents and templates, and that authorization timelines still have room for improvement.

This feedback and engagement with our partners is critical, as it helps us better understand the challenges that you are facing as an agency, Cloud Service Provider, or Third Party Assessment Organization.

What we’re doing

FedRAMP is focused on modernizing the program through automation and business process improvements as part of the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity. In order to modernize and grow with our stakeholders in mind, we took your feedback and have focused on three goals this fiscal year:

  • Grow the FedRAMP Marketplace: Continue to partner with government and industry to promote the adoption of secure cloud services across the federal government
  • Transform Processes: Incorporate automation and other process improvements to improve the stakeholder experience throughout the FedRAMP process, with an eye towards efficiency and accommodating future growth
  • Promote Knowledge Sharing: Provide more opportunities for dialogue and feedback by hosting additional events for collaboration, feedback, training and exchange of ideas and practices between the PMO and our stakeholders

The FedRAMP PMO uses several engagement channels to connect with our stakeholders and exchange information, share learnings, and listen to feedback on our performance. Accountability is paramount to our growth as a program, and we will continue to provide periodic updates through our engagement channels to ensure our stakeholders stay apprised of how we’re performing.

We appreciate your feedback, and are looking forward to improving the program together.

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