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FedRAMP FY22 Annual Survey Recap

January 17 | 2023

FedRAMP FY22 Annual Survey Recap

The FedRAMP PMO would like to thank everyone who completed the FY22 Annual FedRAMP survey this Fall. We completed an analysis of your feedback and are using the data to refine FedRAMP priorities. This feedback and engagement is critical in helping us better understand the challenges you are facing as an Agency, Cloud Service Provider, or Third Party Assessment Organization.

What we heard

We heard from you that the FedRAMP PMO is doing well in several areas, particularly customer experience. An Increase of 2% in overall customer satisfaction from FY21.

  • 84% of respondents had pleasant interactions with FedRAMP.
  • 85% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that FedRAMP promotes the adoption of secure cloud services across the US Government.

In addition, we heard from you about some areas that need improvement, including consistency across guidance and the time it takes to receive a FedRAMP authorization.

What we’re doing

Based on your feedback, we are focusing on the following areas for improvement:

  • Updating documents to provide additional guidance and clarity on current baselines
  • Providing consistent guidance to all stakeholders, with an emphasis on properly communicating any upcoming changes
  • Focusing program activities on streamlining and automating the authorization process to reduce the time needed for authorization
  • Identifying tips for successfully completing an authorization
  • Defining roles and responsibilities throughout the authorization process

We appreciate your continued feedback and look forward to your future engagement and partnership in improving the program together. Keep an eye out for new opportunities to provide feedback on FedRAMP throughout the year.

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