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FedRAMP Marketplace Guidance Released

June 20 | 2019

FedRAMP Marketplace Guidance Released

We receive thousands of questions through, and one of the most popular topics is the FedRAMP Marketplace and which cloud capabilities are FedRAMP Ready, In Process, or Authorized. With over 220 industry partners engaged with the program, the FedRAMP Marketplace is a one-stop-shop in providing visibility into the FedRAMP community. The Marketplace serves as a searchable and sortable database of Cloud Service Offerings (CSOs), aiding Agencies in the process of researching and identifying secure cloud capabilities that are available for government-wide use. It also lists the accredited auditors that can perform the FedRAMP assessment, known as Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs). With over 250,000 visits annually, the Marketplace is a valuable source of real-time information for our customers.

Given the importance of the Marketplace, we want to ensure the information about each CSO is established in easy-to-understand guidance. The new Marketplace Guidance (document superseded by “About Marketplace” page) outlines the various FedRAMP designations for CSOs and provides details for industry and Agencies in achieving and maintaining FedRAMP status on the Marketplace.

Key takeaways from the Marketplace Guidance:

  • Supersedes previous guidance document, the “Agency Authorization: Requirements for In Process Designation,” as part of a larger effort to streamline and consolidate our documents.
  • Explains the process for achieving and maintaining all three of our Marketplace designations.
  • Includes guidance for how to achieve In Process designation with FedRAMP when working with DoD component agencies.
  • Provides tips and guidance for how to handle changes in initial agency partner or Authorizing Official (AO).

As always, if you have any questions surrounding this guidance, please contact

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