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Updated Welcome to FedRAMP Training Now Available

July 20 | 2017

Updated Welcome to FedRAMP Training Now Available

We’re excited to launch our newly revamped FedRAMP 100-A: Welcome to FedRAMP online training course, which serves as an update to the original 100-A training developed in 2015. This one-hour introductory course in the FedRAMP Training Series is intended for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs) who aren’t well acquainted with FedRAMP. However, it serves as an excellent source of information for anyone in government or the private sector who wants to learn more about the program.

The Welcome to FedRAMP online course illustrates how FedRAMP standardizes the way the government does security authorizations for cloud products and services in four essential ways by:

  1. Doing security authorizations once and reusing them often to reduce or minimize duplication;

  2. Creating a community of practice across the U.S. Government and industry that did not exist before to increase collaboration and transparency;

  3. Validating security authorizations to ensure that there is uniformity among security packages; and

  4. Enabling a centralized repository where agencies can request access to security packages for expedient authorizations.

FedRAMP ensures there is a uniform risk management approach with a standard set of approved minimum security controls (Low, Moderate, High Impact), a consistent assessment process, and a Provisional Authorization To Operate (P-ATO) or an Agency Authorization.

This course utilizes an interactive learning approach to ensure anyone is able to learn about the FedRAMP program and processes. Additionally, we’ve incorporated knowledge checks that allow participants to measure their progress in the course without scoring against them. These upgrades are part of the FedRAMP PMO’s initiative to make our training courses more interactive and engaging and improve the learning experience of our stakeholders.

Be sure to keep checking our FedRAMP Training webpage and our Focus on FedRAMP Blog for updates as we continue to produce new or improved training opportunities over the next 6 months!

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