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Next CSPs Selected to work with the JAB via FedRAMP Connect

February 27 | 2019

Next CSPs Selected to work with the JAB via FedRAMP Connect

The FedRAMP PMO just completed our most recent round of FedRAMP Connect, the process where Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) are prioritized to work with the Joint Authorization Board (JAB). CSPs that are selected to work with the JAB submitted business cases to the PMO in order to showcase the high demand for their cloud offering across the federal government and demonstrate their security readiness for the JAB process.

Before finalizing our prioritization decision, FedRAMP presented and vetted our analysis with the CIO Council, GSA’s Office of General Counsel (OGC), and the JAB CIOs and Technical Representatives. The focus of this process is to choose the CSPs that offer services that will benefit the widest variety of Agencies across the Federal Government.

We are delighted to announce that we’ve selected the following four vendors to be prioritized by the JAB.

  • Human Resources Technologies, Inc. (HRTec) - FedHIVE (High)
  • Jive Software - JiveGuard (Moderate)
  • Medallia - Medallia GovCloud (MGC) (Moderate)
  • TTEC Government Solutions - Humanify-G -CCaaS (Moderate)

Congratulations, HRTec, Jive, Medallia, and TTEC! The FedRAMP PMO looks forward to working with you through this process.

As we communicated in our JAB Prioritization Criteria and Guidance Document, we accept business cases on a rolling basis and will have cut off dates quarterly (shared on our JAB Authorization webpage). Our next cut off date for FedRAMP Connect business cases will be April 12th.

As always, the PMO is available for informational and coaching call to help CSPs prepare for FedRAMP Connect. If you have any questions or would like to set up a phone call, please e-mail for more information.

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