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HHS Cloud Security Day

October 24 | 2016

HHS Cloud Security Day

Two weeks ago, Ashley Mahan and I had the pleasure of participating in the Health and Human Services (HHS) FedRAMP Open House. It was an excellent opportunity to collaborate with the HHS team as well as HHS subcomponents to discuss FedRAMP, cloud computing, and risk management.

FedRAMP Director Matt Goodrich and FedRAMP Evangelist Ashley Mahan at HHS Security Day

The FedRAMP Program Management Office hosted our own FedRAMP Agency Day in August, and it’s exciting to see an individual Agency taking a proactive approach to hold similar forums to unify and push FedRAMP information across the enterprise. This event was a great opportunity to bring together key cloud players across HHS under one roof, eager to learn from each other and drive Cloud adoption across the USG.  During the event, Ashley and I were able to provide an overview of the FedRAMP program and key initiatives, including the new Readiness Assessment Report, FedRAMP High Baseline, and key upcoming initiatives agencies can expect over the next year. 

We wanted to take a chance to thank HHS for inviting us to attend and participate in their event! If you are an Agency lead or are working with an Agency and want to coordinate a similar meeting with your staff and the FedRAMP Program Management Office we would be more than happy to participate! Please reach out to

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