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FedRAMP Connect - New Guidance on JAB Prioritization and Business Cases due July 13!

June 14 | 2018

FedRAMP Connect - New Guidance on JAB Prioritization and Business Cases due July 13!

FedRAMP is excited to announce that we are starting our next round of FedRAMP Connect! Business Cases for this round of FedRAMP Connect will be due July 13th by 5:00pm eastern and should be submitted to

As you may remember, FedRAMP Connect is part of the first step in pursuing a Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) from the Joint Authorization Board (JAB). In order to reduce the time between CSPs being prioritized and kicking-off with the JAB, the FedRAMP PMO has decided to aim to begin prioritizing three CSPs each quarter. As part of the prioritization decision made through the FedRAMP Connect process, CSPs are required to become FedRAMP Ready within 60-days of being prioritized and must now be able to kick-off with the JAB within 90-days of prioritization.

In order to gather the required information for FedRAMP Connect, CSPs interested in working with the JAB will need to submit a Business Case to comprised of a simple PDF form and excel worksheet gathering demand information. This Business Case submission provides a normalized view for comparison of CSOs and allows prioritization to be conducted in a consistent and fair manner. Going forward, the FedRAMP PMO will collect Business Cases on a rolling basis and will have cut off dates for each quarter’s prioritization decision.

We take the JAB Prioritization Business Case submissions incredibly seriously and have worked to streamline the FedRAMP Connect process and instructions in our updated JAB Prioritization Criteria and Guidance document. Here you will find the necessary attachments for the Business Case submission and the FedRAMP PMO recommends that any CSP interested in being prioritized to work with the JAB read this document in its entirety and review the required Business Case attachments before getting started. This document includes information on:

  • The JAB prioritization criteria
  • How to submit a Business Case
  • What qualifies as current, indirect, and potential demand
  • The Business Case evaluation methodology

When reviewing this document, you will see that we’ve expanded our review of demand to include an explicit call out for “indirect demand” going forward. FedRAMP as seen a growing amount of external services that have high indirect demand because of the amount of FedRAMP authorized cloud services that use their service and we would like to recognize that customer base as demand.

If you have questions on this addition or any part of the FedRAMP Connect process, the PMO will be holding a webinar on June 22nd to review the guidance and answer questions from CSPs. Additionally, after the webinar, the PMO will be available to have one-on-one coaching calls with CSPs to provide them with advice on their Business Case or help them qualify their demand.

Look out for an invite to the FedRAMP Connect Webinar next week and start preparing any questions you have on your Business Case submission, due July 13th by 5:00pm eastern to We look forward to working with more CSPs who are interested in pursuing a JAB P-ATO!

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